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The above is the live uptime monitoring of my site, provided with a free account from In the Statuscake portal, however, I can not only see uptime, but load times on every check, 15 minutes apart. That is extremely useful information when measured against traffic and any changes that you may have made to your site.

12-hour Performance


Speed Measurement Tools

Further fine-grained information can be gathered by making use of page speed measurements. While your hosting solution can affect page speed, usually most of page load times are a function of the size of graphics you’re using and other page code features that can impede your page load.

Here’ I’ve collected a quick Chrome Developer Tools load trace, which shows the load order and speed of the objects on my page, and–importantly–any items in red are blocked and may be delaying page load by a few milliseconds: something to look into.


Here I’ve made use of to analyze both my overall speed and the size and loading of specific features within the site. As every page features 2 sizeable images, these results don’t surprise me, but these measurements will be useful later when we test a different CDN with our static media.

It’s important to keep track of how you’re doing while you decentralize!


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